Room Reservation and Usage


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As part of our service to the community, the St. Charles City-County Library provides meeting rooms, study rooms, or event spaces for use by local community groups, organizations, and individuals.

A new Library policy on Room Reservation and Usage will go into effect at the beginning of September. Customers will be able to reserve library event, meeting, and conference rooms through to the next calendar year starting each year on the first Wednesday of September. For 2023-2024 registration opens Wednesday, September 6. 

Rooms may be reserved by taxpayers of St. Charles County with a valid Library card in good standing.

  • The individual reserving the room must be present for the duration of the reservation.
  • The individual has reviewed the room usage policy and agrees to abide by it in its entirety.

Please note that during 2024, there will be some interruptions in availability of meeting rooms due to Library renovations. The Spencer Road Branch will be closed for construction January 1 through July 31, 2024. The Middendorf-Kredell Branch will be closed for construction July 1 through December 31, 2024.


Room registration for 2023-2024 opens Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Make a Reservation


  • Your reservation is not complete until you receive an email or phone call confirmation.
  • Meetings must be scheduled 72 hours in advance. If you need to schedule a room with 72 hour notice or less, please contact the library directly.



  1. The customer holding the reservation must be present within 10 minutes of the start time or the reservation will be canceled.
  2. Reservations may begin 30 minutes after opening. Reservations must end 30 minutes before closing. 


Types of Rooms

There are a variety of types of rooms available at Library locations, each of which have specific functions and parameters. Not all room types are available at every location.


Meeting and Conference Rooms

Meeting and conference rooms have tables and chairs that may be moved by groups using the rooms.

  • The responsible party must be 16 years of age
  • May be used by an individual or group one time per calendar month
  • Set up and take-down is the responsibility of the reserving group
  • The public must be permitted to attend and participate in anything being held in these rooms
  • Light refreshments may be served


Study Rooms

Designed for individuals and small groups for quiet work and study.

  • The responsible party must be 12 years of age or have an adult present
  • May be used by an individual or group one time per calendar week
  • Study rooms may be reserved 2 weeks in advance
  • Rooms may be available on a walk-in basis 
  • Light refreshments may be served 


Event Rooms

Designed for larger public or private events by individuals, community groups, businesses, or organizations.  Event rooms are only available at The Commons at Spencer Road Branch. 

  • The responsible party must be 18 years of age
  • May be used by an individual or group one time per calendar week
  • A usage fee will be charged
  • Preferred catering must be used, with the exception of light refreshments

Fees for Individuals, Community Groups, Nonprofit Organizations, and Government Agencies

Room Amount
(2 Hours)
L $25 $10/hour
M $25 $10/hour
L&M $50 $20/hour
N $10 $5/hour


Fees  for Businesses and Celebratory Events

Room Amount
(2 Hours)
L $100 $25/hour
M $100 $25/hour
L&M $200 $50/hour
N $50 $10/hour



The following caterers have been approved to cater meals at the Community Commons.