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Accessibility and Accommodations

In accordance with the Library Services for People with Disabilities Policy and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Library strives to meet the needs of all people who visit us in person or online.

Physical Accommodations

Physical accommodations may include the following:

  • ADA accessible buildings
  • Drive up windows or curbside pick up
  • Elevators in multi-story buildings
  • Wheelchairs available for use in Library branches
  • Staff available to assist in gathering materials
  • Large print keyboards available for computers
  • Sensory Kits available, which include:
    • noise-canceling headphones
    • fidget toys
    • light filters
  • Sign language interpreters for programs, by request
Library Materials

Materials are availabe to all individuals in a variety of formats. These include:

  • Large print
  • Audiobooks (digital and CD)
  • Read-aloud children's books 
  • Mobile hotspots 
  • Chromebooks
  • Digital content including eBooks, eAudio, eMagazines and eVideo
    • Accessible apps allow for a variety of settings and navigations
Additional Services

Additional services available include:

  • Interlibrary Loan for titles not owned by the Library
  • Library to You offerings to those who are unable to visit Library buildings due to disability, age, or illness
  • Wolfner Talking Book and Braille Library
    • Free to anyone in the State of Missouri who has a visual or physical disability and is unable to use standard print materials
    • For more information, visit the Wolfner Library website