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Library Cards

A valid library card in good standing is required to borrow materials and use some services from the St. Charles City-County Library.

In order to register for a Library card, an applicant must provide:

  • Name
  • Permanent address of residency (P.O. Box only is not proof of residency)
  • Birthdate of applicant
  • Telephone number or email address
  • For business, organization, and school cards, authorizing documentation

Acceptance of a Library card constitutes an agreement to abide by rules set forth by the Library regarding use of the card and signifies responsibility for any fees, damages, or loss of materials which may result from the card's use.

The Library retains the right to modify the limits for certain cardholders.

Categories of library cards include:

  • Resident - Persons with a permanent address within St. Charles County.
  • Reciprocal borrower - A person living within the service area of a library with which the St. Charles City-County Library District has a reciprocity agreement.
  • Non-resident borrower - Persons who reside outside of either St. Charles County or any reciprocal library service areas may purchase a card by paying the non-resident fee.

Within the above categories, cards will be given an age designation of either adult or juvenile

- Adult 18+
- Juvenile 0 - 17 years old:

  • Individuals under the age of 18 (minors) need permission from a legal guardian to obtain a Library card. In granting permission, the legal guardian acknowledges that all materials of the Library will be available to the minor. The legal guardian assumes responsibility for items, fees, and use of the minor’s Library card. If the parent or legal guardian wishes to limit access to certain Library materials, they may do so by having the minor use their “adult” Library card. If a minor already has a Library card, and the parent wishes to restrict access, the parent can visit any branch or fill out the online form to have the minor’s Library card revoked.
  • Appropriate identification of the parent or guardian is required and applicants aged from birth through 17 years old must be present when registering for a Library card.
  • A Library card may be issued without a parent/guardian only if it is issued through a school program and the Library has an agreement with the school or district relating to parent consent and/or opt out. This card category is Student ID.
  • Non-resident taxpayer - Persons who own property within St. Charles County but whose residence is outside of the county.
  • Business/Organization - An account for businesses or organizations with addresses within St. Charles County. The owner/manager/director provides the required documentation for a card and designates authorized users of the account.
  • School (K-12) card - An account for schools with addresses within St. Charles County. The superintendent/principal or other authorized official provides the required documentation for a card and designates authorized users of the account.
  • Semester student card - Students enrolled in schools/colleges/universities located within St. Charles County, who are not permanent residents of St Charles County, are eligible for this type of card.
  • Student ID card - A partnership with St. Charles County schools that provides students with access to Library materials using their student ID numbers.
  • Temporary resident card - For persons who will temporarily reside in St. Charles County, generally for less than 6 months.
  • Outreach Organization card - An account for organizations formally partnering with the St. Charles City-County Library through the Outreach Services Department.
  • Home delivery card - A card for individual/family arrangements made for residents formally partnering with the St. Charles City-County Library through the Outreach Services Department.

Effective 7-18-2023